Why aren’t my plants thriving?

If you’re finding that your newly planted veg is looking a little weary, then don’t despair. We’ve had a funny old May, with a lot of cold winds, chilly nights and not a lot of rain, and conditions haven’t been perfect for our precious veg plants as they try to get growing outside in our plots!

Here are some things you may be seeing in your own veg plants:

  • Yellow leaves instead of a vibrant green
  • Wilting leaves
  • Broken stems
  • Very little growth with not many new leaves forming
  • Leaves turning red/purple
  • Brown patches on leaves

Here’s why:

  • Strong winds and cold temperatures causing the plants stress and slowing down growth
  • Wind strength damaging stems
  • Dry soil because of warm temperatures, windy days and little rain means the plants don’t get enough water/nutrients
  • Frost damage

What you can do:

  • Cover newly planted seedlings with fleece to protect them
  • Use cloches or build hoop tunnels to protect vulnerable plants – particularly beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes, and squashes
  • Water plants well, and regularly & give them a liquid feed
  • Add a mulch – fresh compost, leaf mould etc – to help warm up soil temperature and lock moisture in
  • Don’t give up – if you’re still seeing new growth/leaves appearing then the plants are in with a good chance of recovery