Why we’re offering a limited autumn range


What an interesting growing season it has been this year! Gardeners and farmers across the UK have all suffered the effects of a very cold start to spring and then an incredibly hot, dry summer. Here at Rocket Gardens, we haven’t been able to escape the effects of the weather either. The late snows in spring meant many of our plants were as much as a month slower to grow than normal, and this has had knock-on effect with some of our plant deliveries and customer services.

On a positive note, we are going to be using the experience to take some big steps towards ensuring we are able to deliver your orders more speedily each spring, regardless of any bizarre weather conditions that the UK climate decides to throw at us. In order to do this, we need to give ourselves a little time between now and next spring to make some tweaks, get growing spaces re-organised and so on. For this reason, we have decided to limit our autumn range to Year Round Veg Patches and carefully selected Autumn Veg Patches and Herb Gardens only.

If you’d rather choose individual plants to grow, then please choose from our current range of summer veg plants, herbs & fruit which will be available until early August. These plants will be dispatched within a few days and you can use them to fill your veg patch before autumn arrives.

Our top tip is to plant plenty of brassicas now (particularly kales, cabbages, broccoli and sprouts) as well as spinach, chard, leeks and some root veg, like celeriac and beetroot, which will store well after harvesting. These will provide you with plenty of veg over the coming months, and should see you through to early next spring.

If you’re unsure what to choose now, or if you don’t have space just yet, then don’t worry, you can pick up one of our lovely Autumn Veg Patches which will be dispatched through September and October.