Our Wildflower Bird Seed Meadow

Plans are afoot to turn 50 acres of our farmland over to a wild birdseed meadow. We’re just waiting for the powers that be to sign along the dotted line, but all going well this project will be underway soon.

It’s a really important project to us, especially as we see so much precious land being lost, as housing estate after housing estate goes up in and around Cornwall. We desperately need to do what we can to save our beautiful green spaces and provide food and habitats for our wildlife!┬áNative bird habitats and consequently the availability of wild seed is now relatively scarce in the UK – there are far fewer woodlands, hedgerows and wild flower meadows and a vast number of farms do not grow organically, which means that pesticides and weedkiller wipe out precious food resources and interrupt the food chain.

We’ll be doing our part by planting up a 50 acre wild flower bird seed meadow. It’ll attract loads of bees and butterflies too and we’re excited to watch it grow.