Wildflowers for Cutting – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

Ok, I’m not exactly an expert in flower arranging, but I’m quite pleased with how these blooms from my wildflower patch look on my kitchen table. (I took the photo outside because my kitchen is far too messy to feature!!)

I didn’t really expect to use the wildflower patch for cutting, but there are SO many daisies in there (I don’t actually know what they are – to me they are just big daisies) that I’ve started cutting them and popping them in a vase along with some white campions and foxgloves. They look lovely and last several days!

I realise I planted my plugs too close together – they are really competing with each other and the flowers are easily 4 to 5 foot high, which I think is a bit extreme. Of course, they are self-seeding too, so they are sprouting up all over the place, on my wood chip paths etc. I’m going to need to get weeding very soon.

I think in hindsight I would have planted them up less densely – perhaps 10cm apart – I think I popped them in about 3cm apart because I wanted them to look established from the get-go. Also I would have planted them in a different area of the garden, ideally where they are surrounded by grass that can easily be mown and therefore self-seeded wildflowers in the wrong place wouldn’t be such an issue. Still, they do look really lovely, and they are quite literally buzzing with pollinators.

I’m thinking I might relocate them after this year – by cutting them right back, digging them up and re-planting them where they can grow a bit, well, wilder. I think I’ll wait until the end of the season and then I can cut all the deadheads and let them re-seed in the new location. I’m not entirely sure. I’ll keep you posted!

Anyway, do think about cutting some to enjoy in your home if you’re growing them too – they look great, and even if you just had a single daisy in a small vase, it brings a bit of the outdoors indoors!