When will my new veg plants arrive?


Well, we’ve just started sending out spring veg plants this week and we’re getting as many gardens and plants off to their new homes as we can…we’re still waiting for some plants to reach a better size (like tomatoes) before they are ready to make the journey, but it won’t be long now…if the weather continues as it is, your plants should be ready in just a few short weeks, perfect for planting out in mid-spring for a really good crop.

We’re very much hoping that you’ll receive your plants by mid May, which is in our humble opinion, the optimum time for planting out. In fact, Mike (the founder of Rocket Gardens and general guru of all things relating to veg growing) never plants his own veggies out until the second week of May, at least. He says that this is his preferred time because he knows his babies will be safe from frosts and will grow that much more quickly in the warmer soil. And we have to say, his veg patch usually does exceptionally well!

So, rest assured, your plants will be with you soon and they are in good hands! We’ll send you an email one week before your plants are dispatched so that you can make sure you’re ready for their arrival, so please keep an eye out for more updates from us.