The Wonder of Worm Cast

Worm Cast Fertiliser

Here at Rocket Gardens, we’re huge fans of worm cast. ‘Why are they so fond of this thing that is basically worm poo?’ you may wonder to yourself. Well, with good reason…

Earthworms do some rather marvellous things in the soil; they consume lots of organic materials and, as they digest them, they refine them before getting them all out of their system again in the form of lovely, crumbly worm cast. And this worm cast just so happens to have all the essential nutrients that a plant needs, in an extremely usable and concentrated form.

It has a consistency that is not dissimilar to finally ground coffee granules, and each little granule has a minuscule coating of natural oil. This coating of oil means that it releases the nutrients slowly making it a good long-term fertiliser and the consistency makes it really good for loosening and aerating the soil which helps with plant growth, too.

It’s really easy to use, you just pop a little handful in the hole as you plant your beloved veggies (or sprinkle some around the base of the plant if it’s already growing) and that’s it. Your plants will take up all the precious nutrients whilst they grow and they will ultimately become much healthier and stronger. Unless you have extremely poor soil, you shouldn’t have to give the plants any extra feed during the summer, as the worm cast provides them with all the nutrients they’ll need.

We honestly can’t recommend it enough, and if you only do one thing to improve your growing success this year, let it be adding a bit of worm cast when you plant your veg in the spring.