Why you’ll love growing Wild Rocket

Wild Rocket

Wild Rocket tastes completely different to the bagged stuff you buy in shops, and that is the number one reason why we think you’ll love growing it. Honestly, the flavour will surprise you. That aside, there are a few other reasons that you’ll enjoy it too…

  1. Wild Rocket is actually a perennial, so if you’re growing it outside then it should die back in winter and reappear again the following spring. This might not be the case in colder parts of the country though as it is used to slightly warmer climates!
  2. When it flowers, the little yellow flowers smell amazing and are very pretty.
  3. By harvesting it regularly and growing undercover you can keep it going for months on end.
  4. It’s very undemanding…you can plant it in full sun or slightly shady areas, and it will tolerate some drought or a hard rain.
  5. It’s incredibly good for you packed with loads of vitamins and rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium.