So, you’ve redeemed your Rocket Garden voucher…now what?


If you have received a Rocket Gardens voucher as a gift then you are indeed a lucky soul because the gift of growing your own is, in our humble opinion, really rather brilliant! Now, assuming you have redeemed your voucher you may be wondering what happens next. Let us explain…

Our growing season starts around about now (late January) as we sow millions of organic veg and herb seeds in our polytunnels. The polytunnels themselves are not heated, so we rely on the great British climate for the warmth needed for the seeds to germinate and grow into healthy young seedlings. “Foolish,” you may think, but no! We are based in Cornwall and it’s that much milder down here that we can get away with it. That said, we do sometimes fall prey to a cold snap which can slow the growing process down a bit.

With this in mind, it is difficult for us to give you an exact delivery date until the plants for your garden are very nearly ready to be sent to you. Please keep an eye out for an email from us which will arrive with you one week before we send your garden to you – this will give you a bit of time to get any final preparations done in your veg patch beforehand.

We usually start sending pre-ordered gardens in the last week of April (once all risk of frost has passed and once the plants are big and healthy enough to make the journey onwards) and keep going right through to the end of May (sometimes into June). Timings depend mostly on what plants are included in the garden as some of the plant need a little extra warmth to get going. So, if you’ve redeemed your voucher before mid-April, you can expect to receive your plants between late April and the end of May.

We hope that explains a little about the process and, please, don’t forget to watch out for the all important one week notification email from us!