3 Autumn essentials

Worm Cast Fertiliser

Autumn and winter growing requires a lot less effort, but it there are a few things that we’d definitely advise having at hand in your garden shed.

  1. Worm cast fertiliser. After a busy summer of growing you’ll want to add a nutritious boost to the soil for your autumn plants. Worm cast fertiliser does this really well, and throwing a handful in the soil as you plant each seedling will give them a slow releasing source of nutrients throughout the winter months.
  2. Slug deterrent. Slugs sadly remain active in temperatures above 5c, and of course the wet weather brings them out to play. Be sure to protect your veg plants, particularly when they are young and vulnerable.
  3. Horticultural fleece. It’s really handy to have some fleece available to quickly drape over vulnerable plants if frost or snow is forecasted. It’s a great way to keep them protected and all you need to do is lay a sheet over the rows of veg and secure at the corners and sides with something heavy.