No space for autumn?

If you’re keen to grow your own over the next few months, but haven’t yet got enough free space after your summer crops, then all is not lost…. Should your Autumn Veg Patch arrive before your summer crops are over, then you can do one of two things:

  1. Plant temporarily in 9cm pots before planting on as and when you are ready. This will work particularly well if you’re not expecting to have space for a few weeks.
  2. Open up a grow bag and gently nudge the seedlings into the compost OR place the seedlings in a shallow tray and loosely cover the roots with compost. This will work well if you just need a few days more to get your garden sorted out.

In both cases, be sure to soak the roots of the seedlings well beforehand as they will likely be a bit dry and stressed from their journey.