3 Courgette Cakes

In our very humble opinion, the best thing you can do with a glut of courgettes is bake cakes, lots of cakes!┬áThese are our 3 favourite courgette cake recipes – all can be either eaten straight away or frozen and pulled out of the freezer later in the year when you fancy a little treat.

  1. Chocolate Courgette Cake – by Riverford
    This is the sort of indulgent cake that should be eaten warm with a generous helping of cream! It’s naughty. We love it. If you have more will power, then you can let it cool, wrap it in cling film and freeze it. Either way, it’s yummy.
  2. Courgette Lemon Drizzle Cake – by Good Housekeeping
    Simply delish! Lemon Drizzle is such a classic, and we don’t normally like to mess with a classic, but this is genuinely tasty, and the courgettes definitely add a little something! We put the drizzle on before freezing, and it was fine when we came to eat it.
  3. Courgette, Orange & Walnut Cake – by Ocado
    If you’re a fan of carrot cake, then this is a good alternative. It’s a real looker, too, so perfect for an old fashioned tea party or to contribute as a raffle prize! If you’re going to freeze it, do that once the cake has cooled. Don’t ice it until it has defrosted again.

A word on freezing cakes: Bake the cake, let it cool completely, then wrap it tightly in clingfilm and freeze. Don’t ice the cake before freezing. When you take the cake out of the freezer, don’t remove the cling film until it is fully thawed, this is to prevent condensation forming on the cake itself. Once fully thawed, you can ice it.