What can I plant now?

As we creep further and further through the summer, there are just a couple of weeks left to plant up before we move on to autumn plants. Now is the time to get those last crops planted up – leeks, cabbages, cauliflowers, summer lettuces can still go in the ground, but be quick!

Here’s the low down:

Summer Lettuces, Wild Rocket, Mizuna 

Plant these now and they will grow quite quickly. You can expect to start harvesting from them within 2-3 weeks, and they’ll keep going for several weeks after that. The rocket may keep going through autumn.

Spinach & Chard

Planted now you can expect to have a good supply of spinach and chard from mid autumn and on into early winter.

Beetroot & Carrot

Get lots of these planted up for a lovely late autumn harvest of deliciously sweet roots!


You can plant these now for a late autumn crop of baby leeks, or leave them a little longer an harvest in the winter. Don’t expect them to reach full size, but they’ll certainly give you enough for a few meals!

Cabbages & Cauliflower

You should be able to harvest these in winter if planted now. Be sure to firm them in really well when you plant them to encourage them to form a heart.

Sprouting Broccoli

This is a great one to plant now for a late autumn crop. If the weather turns cold too soon, they’ll simply hang fire until early spring. So either way you’ll get to enjoy your broccoli!


Now is a brilliant time to plant kale as it’ll keep going right through the winter, providing you with lots of very healthy nutritious leaves when there is little else to harvest.

Turnip & Swede

These are fairly quick growing and you can expect to harvest them in late autumn if the weather stays warm.

Brussels Sprouts

This is the last opportunity to plant these, so get them in the ground now and you should have a Christmas harvest.