3 good space saving techniques…

There are very few gardeners out there who aren’t always trying to squeeze in more veg! These three ideas will help you grow more in your plot.

  1. Plant leeks, beetroot, and carrots close together in rows (8-10cm apart), then harvest half the row (i.e every other one) as baby veg leaving the other half to carry on growing until they reach maturity.
  2. Intercrop fast growers and slow growers. You can do this by planting quick growing salads, lettuces and leaves in between slower growers like cabbages and cauliflowers. You’ll then harvest the salads and leaves before the cabbages and cauliflowers get too big and block out their light etc.
  3. Plant in May and then again in July. You don’t have to plant everything all at the same time. By planting relatively quick-growing crops like peas, lettuces, and new potatoes in April/May you can harvest them in July before planting crops like beetroot, carrots and brassicas in their place.