3 Things to do in the garden – May 7th

compact herb garden arrivingThe sun has finally got his hat on! This nice sunny spell has really taken the edge off; the air is warmer, the ground is warmer and we are good to grow! With that in mind, here are three things that you can be doing in the garden this weekend to make the most of it…

1. Give everything a bit of a watering…your plants will be thirsty so get the watering can out and give them a drink.


2. See what you can harvest! If you’ve been growing asparagus or rhubarb, you might be getting close to harvesting time especially if they’ve had a bit of a growth spurt over the last few days. Remember, if you’re asparagus is in it’s first year, you need to wait another year before harvesting.


3. Get weeding! The warm, dry weather that we’ve just had will be perfect for those weeds start shooting up and you don’t want them competing with your lovely veg plants for food and sunlight! Use a hoe to get rid of any smaller weeds, and be sure to pull up the roots of any larger ones. You’ll need to keep on top of this now, so do it regularly!