An easy way to grow celeriac

CeleriacOne of the best things about growing your own food with Rocket Gardens is that we take care of sowing the seeds for you. This is particularly helpful when it comes to those fruits and vegetables that are a little harder to grow from seed. It’s not that they are impossible to grow, just that they require a little more time and effort and are more unreliable than, say, courgettes and tomatoes. It’s much easier to simply pop one of our baby plants in the ground, knowing that we’ve sent you a healthy plant and that you’ll get better results.

One vegetable that fits into this “not-that-easy-to-grow-from-seed” category is celeriac. Celeriac is one of those underrated vegetables that is not the most beautiful looking, but is truly tasty…We’re very much rooting for it and would like to see it gaining a little popularity in the kitchen. It’s a joy to pull up in the winter, and you can make such delicious dishes with it. Celeriac puree with venison, or creamy potato and celeriac gratin.

Once you receive your celeriac plants, you need to plant them in a nice sunny spot with moisture retentive soil, leaving 30 cm between plants. The base of the stem should be at ground level (i.e cover the roots fully) Adding a mulch will help to keep the soil moist. Watch out for slugs which are the biggest pest for celeriac. They should be ready to harvest from October to March, just carefully pull one up to check you are happy with the size – we think tennis ball size is ideal.