3 ways growing your own improves your physical health


Have you ever heard anyone smirk about gardening “not being REAL exercise”? Well, we all know differently, don’t we?! And exercise isn’t the only physical benefit of gardening. Here are 3 ways that growing your own can improve your physical health…

  1. Gardening is well known to be an excellent way of getting all-round exercise. All those squats while you’re weeding work wonders for the quads! And generally your muscle strength and agility will improve by spending time working in the garden pushing wheelbarrows, turning compost piles and so on.
  2. You’ll inevitably nibble crops straight off the plants, exposing your stomach to soil bacteria and microbes. It’s great for the gut! In fact, we talked at some length with Hugh F-W about the benefits of microbes when we delivered his plants in the summer. (#ShamelessNameDropping!)
  3. A homegrown diet is so full of different veggies that it’s no problem at all to “eat a rainbow” and get your 5 or 10 a day onto your plate. Plus, they will be fresh and free from pesticides. Ideal.