The heart of Rocket Gardens

The one thing that drives Rocket Gardens is the desire to get as many people as possible to grow their own veggies. 

This is because we firmly believe that growing your own food, no matter how much or little space you have, is of utmost importance to our future in this world.

It’s a way of fending off excessive packaging and too many (boring) trips to the shops. It’s a way of eating more heathily and keeping active (without going to the gym), a way of reconnecting with nature and working with the seasons. It’s a way of voting with your feet (and your garden fork!) for organic methods and local produce.

Growing your own food is good for mind, body and soul and it’s good for the environment, too. It just makes sense in so many ways and we urge you to encourage your friends and family to grow some crops at home, even if it’s just a couple of lettuces in a pot! The more people we can get growing, the better.