3 Ways to nourish your veg plants

As we move further into summer, it’s a good time to give the soil your veg patch a bit of a boost to help it feed all of your plants. There are several easy and organic ways to do this. We’ve listed our top 3 below for you:

Organic Liquid Feed:

You can easily buy an organic liquid feed and use this to apply to your veg. The positive benefits are that it will contain all the right nutrients in the right quantities so you can rest assured that your soil will indeed get the boost it needs. It’s easy and time-friendly too (you can buy online). The negatives are that it costs money and comes in a plastic container.

Make your own Nettle or Comfrey Tea:

Cut back some nettle plants AND/OR comfrey plants, chop them up a bit and pop them in a container of water to soak. Aim for 1 part leaves to 10 parts water. After 2-3 days (1-2 weeks if using comfrey) you can use the “tea” as a feed for your veg patch. Throw the soaked nettler and comfrey leaves into the compost pile afterwards.

Add some Worm Castings:

Worm cast fertiliser is, in our humble opinion, the very best of all fertilisers. If you are planting new plants, simply mix and handful of wormcast into the soil before you plant your seedling. If you want to add it to a bed/pot of established plants, make it into liquid form first by mixing 1-2 large handfuls in a watering can and applying to your veggies (you might need to take off the rose though so as not to clog up the spout!) If you’re short on time, you can simply sprinkle some worm castings around the base of your plants and let the rain water it in over time.