Are things finally beginning to grow?

The other week I was writing about how slow things have been to grow in my veg patch, but I am happy to report that I’m starting to see a bit of growth. I planted most of my veg back in late April and early May. Many were really slow to take off, due to the cold weather, strong winds and so on. Here’s a quick update for you to gauge your own veg patch against (I find it always helps to know if other people’s crops are thriving or not!):

  • Beetroots – some plants are now actually getting to be a decent size, and I should be able to harvest them in about a week I hope. However, some of my plants are still really struggling to put their roots down, and unbelievably they are still the same size as they were when I first planted them. That’s about 8 weeks ago, with no growth at all!
  • Beans – all of my beans were genuinely looking terrible with yellow, brown, browny/purple and wilting or blotchy leaves. Finally some of the new leaves that are coming through are quite nice and vibrant, and they are getting taller now, so fingers crossed!
  • Squashes – I have lost so many squashes and courgettes this season. I’ve replanted twice now, and even lost some of the more recently planted ones. They’re still looking a bit shabby with yellow leaves and little growth, but I’m confident that this  is just about to change. Any day now!
  • Sweetcorn – Poor old sweetcorn HATED the cold temperatures in early June!! The leaves were very yellowy/brown and hardly grew at all. I am happy to report that things are looking hopeful and they have shot up in the past week. Phew!
  • Tomatoes & Peppers – After a very slow start in the greenhouse, my tomatoes and peppers are now getting enough warmth to grow, albeit a little more slowly than normal.