A Brassica Planting & Harvesting Calendar

For those of you keen to plan for a crop of year round cabbages, kale, broccoli and cauliflower, here’s a quick guide of when to plant and when to harvest… this is a rough guide only and will depend on how warm/cold/rainy/frosty/snowy it is during the growing season!!

Our current brassica plants will be available until early August, then we will have a new batch of autumn brassica plants available for despatch in September and October.

Broccoli - Calabrese & Purple Sprouting

Planted April-Mid June = Harvest mid July to September

Planted Late June-Early Aug = Harvest September to November

Planted September/October = Harvest March-May the following year.

Kale - Cavolo Nero/Red Russian/Curly Kale

Planted April-Mid June = Harvest mid July to October/November

Planted Late June-Early Aug = Harvest October to January/February

Planted September/October = Harvest March-June the following year.



Planted April-May = Harvest August

Planted June-July = Harvest September/October

Planted August = Harvest late October/November

white cabbage

Cabbage - Red, White & Savoy

Planted April-Mid June = Harvest September/October

Planted Late June-Early Aug = Late October to December

brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

Planted April-June = Harvest October-December

Planted July-Aug = Harvest Late November-January