What makes us different

Growing up in Cornwall

We grow our vegetable and herb plants at our organic nursery and farm in South Cornwall.

We are close to the Lizard Point, the UK’s most Southerly tip, which is warmed by the Gulf Stream. We are blessed with high levels of natural light, very few frosts and the earliest growing season in the UK. This combination makes it the perfect location to raise plants naturally and without artificial heat.

We are quite the opposite of most large plant nurseries, who tend to burn huge amounts of fossil fuels in order to have their plants ready for the growing season.


We Use Cornish Rain!

We collect and recycle tens of thousands of gallons of Cornish rainwater which we then use to naturally water your plants.

Cornish Rain


Everything we send to you is recyclable, usable or compostable.

We don’t send lots of plastic packaging. Instead we use straw to carefully pack your plants & help keep them safe during their travels. You can re-use the straw to put under strawberries, as mulch, to make a scarecrow, or anything else you fancy…

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Stay for free

When you become a Constant Gardener

Every year we invite all of our Constant Gardeners to come and stay for FREE at our Pop up Rocket Farm Campsite in our beautiful part of Cornwall.

Come and see where your plants are grown, enjoy stunning countryside and countless secluded beaches just a stone’s throw from the Rocket Farm.

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Always ready for a chat

We are a friendly, family business and are always happy to chat if you need help or growing advice.