How it makes your life better

There are loads of reasons to start growing Rocket Gardens

It’s Easy!

We do all the tricky germination and early stage growing for you.

This saves you lots of time (many months in some cases) and means your success rate will be much higher.

You don’t need any gardening experience to achieve great results.

You’ve never missed the growing season as we have a large range of plants and Instant Gardens ready to grow throughout the year.

It's Healthy!

See exactly where your food comes from

Natural Organic Healthy Food

Growing organically means you cut out the chemicals from your garden and your food.

It’s all part of a fun, active & healthy lifestyle.

It's kinder to the planet

Start working in food metres not food miles.

Growing a range of organic plants is brilliant for your garden biodiversity.

Kinder to the planet


The taste of freshly harvested food is amazing.

You save a fortune on food shopping bills.