Anyone can start growing their own with Rocket Gardens

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The main aim of Rocket Gardens is to get people growing their own, no matter how green their fingers are, or aren’t.

It’s so simple. We sow the seeds and look after the baby plants until they’re big enough to be planted outside, and each garden comes with a complete growing guide that the lucky recipient can follow to get off to a good start with their new veg patch.

When the box of plants arrives with the lucky recipient, all they need to do is soak the roots of each plant in a little water for a few seconds and then popĀ it in the ground, following the growing guide instructions that detail how far apart things need to be planted. We’ve got plenty of helpful blog posts and growing information on our website too to help them if they need some extra pointers.

Once that’s done, they can simply water the plants and keep an eye on them, checking in with the Rocket Gardens Growing Guide for advice on keeping pests and diseases at bay, as well as info on when to harvest the veg and even the odd cooking tip.

It really is straightforward and it makes such a great and unusual gift!