Roast a Pumpkin on the Bonfire


If  you’ve got a few pumpkins and squashes left after Hallowe’en then bring them on for Bonfire Night! This is a bit of a crowd pleaser, and it’s a really easy and fun way of cooking them.

pumpkin in a fireWait until the bonfire has died down a bit so that it’s a big pile of lovely hot, glowing embers. Then, simply place a whole pumpkin or squash in the embers and use a shovel to bring surrounding embers up and around it so that it’s completely covered.

About 40 minutes later, use the shovel to carefully roll the squash out from the fire, give it a prod with a knife to check that the flesh is nice and soft. If it is, then all you need to do is cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and then drizzle a little olive oil, sea salt and black pepper over it. If you fancy it, add some goats cheese and wild rocket or spinach, and maybe a few chilli flakes.

It’s so simple and it’s deliciously sweet. Please try it, but don’t burn yourself!!

roasted pumpkin