Beans not looking too healthy? Diary of a Rocket Gardener

I’ve noticed this season, more than any other season, that my bean plants, and lots of squashes, have struggled. I’ve seen several different discolourations in the leaves – from mottled yellow to purple-brown dots. There are a few photos below so you can see what I’m talking about.

Initially I was a bit worried about fungal diseases, and picked off the worst of the leaves. However, I’m now pretty sure this has been due to the relatively cool, damp air – it feels as if it is only now that the veg patch is starting to enjoy a few hotter, drier days and there are signs that the new growth is coming through good and strong.

What I am doing, to try and give them a helping hand, is making sure I water really thoroughly (although the weather took care of that for me at the weekend with a very generous dose of rain!) and I’ll be giving them a fortnightly feed from now too.

I’m encouraged by the new green leaves that are growing, and it seems to just be the old leaves that have struggled. Once the plants have enough foliage, I’ll pick off any last discoloured leaves. They do seem to be making a good recovery – If you’ve struggled with the same kind of thing, hang in there – it looks as if better weather coming in now will be well received by beans and squashes!!