When is the best time to plant veg plug plants?

We’ve already started sowing seeds for spring and it won’t be long until we have hundreds of plug plants ready to send. But the planting season is longer than you’d think, and patience is a virtue.¬†There tends to be a bit of a rush to get things in the ground in one go early in April, but we’re here to say that you can relax…the planting season (for planting out plug plants) stretches from late April right through to the end of July.

In fact, we tend not to start delivering spring plug plants until late April. This is, in our opinion, the very earliest that you should start planting out. The soil and air are both still quite cold in early April, and there is an ever-present risk of frost. This risk decreases towards the end of April and by May you can be reasonably confident that the air temperature and soil temperature will be warm enough that your plants will truly thrive.

For us at Rocket Gardens, May is absolutely our favourite month to plant out the majority of veg plug plants. They’ll grow quite quickly then because of the warmth and extended daylight hours, and it gives you a nice, early start to the season. You won’t miss out if you don’t plant until June though, as by this time it’s even warmer and the plants will just grow more quickly as a result.

There are also quite a few crops that will do well planted in June/ early July, particularly cabbages and cauliflowers, as well as salads and leaves which grow quickly. Beetroot and carrots are also good to plant up again in June/July for an autumn crop. We love topping up our veg patches with new plants in June and July for this reason, and it means we get a longer harvest too.