Calm your nerves with herbs



If you’re feeling a bit stressed out by the start of the summer holidays, or if Brexit is giving you sleepless nights, then it’s time to turn to a good, old-fashioned herbal remedy… two herbs that’ll help ease your worries are lemon balm and lavender.

Let lavender lull you to sleep…cut a few sprigs of lavender, tie them together at the stem and hang to dry upside down for a few days. Once dried, you can pop them in a vase (no water required) on your bedside table and let the scent waft over you until you fall into a deep lavender sleep.

A calming lemon balm tea…fill a teapot half full with freshly picked lemon balm leaves, add boiled water to the top, leave to steep for 5 minutes, sweeten to taste with honey and pour yourself a cup.

Have a herby bath…get a bath bag and fill with lemon balm leaves (or wrap leaves in a muslin cloth), pop it in a nice hot bath and relax with a good book.

Make a lavender oil…Using a wooden mallet, bruise freshly cut lavender flowers, stems & leaves and stuff them all into a jar, cover with oil (almond or jojoba oil are good) , put the lid on and leave it for 2 days before straining into a clean jar. Use a couple of drops of this on your pillow at night.

And finally…if all else fails, plant your lavender in a spot that gets the evening sun, wait until it flowers and then choose a sunny evening to pour yourself a nice glass of wine and go and put your feet up in the garden for half an hour while someone else cooks dinner! The perfect way to relax!