Mint…for teas and cocktails

Pineapple Mint

Pineapple MintWe think mint is one of the best herbs to grow in the garden because you can grow it so easily AND use it so easily…to make a nice mint herbal tea or a delicious mojito cocktail, depending what sort of a mood you’re in.

To make a mint tea:

Pop the kettle on and while the water’s boiling, pick a good handful of mint leaves – any variety will be perfect, and you can pick and mix different varieties too. Give the leaves a quick rinse and pop them in a mug or tea pot. Fill with boiled water and let it brew for around 5 minutes (the longer the stronger). You can add a squeeze of lemon juice and a little sugar for extra flavour.

Make a tasty mojito:

Squeeze two quarters of a lime into a glass, add a teaspoonful of sugar and mix until the sugar has dissolved. Pick a handful of mint leaves, rinse them, tear them up and pop them into the glass too, along with the squeezed lime wedges. Fill the glass with crushed ice, add a shot of rum and stir well. Top up with a splash of soda water and enjoy.