Courgettes stopped fruiting? Diary of a Rocket Gardener

I have three courgette plants growing this year, planted back in mid-May. I’d felt quite self-satisfied when I planted them, because normally I plant far more than I need. Three seemed a sensible number – enough that I’d have plenty of courgettes to give to friends and family, but not so many that I’d be overrun with a glut.

A twist of the weather means that I’ve hardly enjoyed any fruits this year. The plants simply aren’t getting enough heat, and they already seem to be giving up for the season. Usually, I’d be picking easily for another month, into mid/late September at least. I think I’ve harvested all of 8 or 9 courgettes thus far. It’s nothing! And harvesting only began a few weeks ago. I think it was the very end of July that I harvested the first one.

I’m hoping for this next heatwave to materialise so that the plants can have one last blast, but I’m not convinced they’ll keep going. The leaves are beginning to turn, and they’re back to producing male only flowers.