No Aubergines? Diary of a Rocket Gardener

This is a familiar topic for me. It’s my fourth year of growing aubergines (or perhaps my fifth?) and as ever, no fruits are forming. I’m officially giving up, and I’ve pulled the plants up to make more space for the tomato crop that is coming through well.

However, I did want to revisit this topic, as I imagine many other gardeners have the same issue – plenty of flowers, but no fruits. Here are some of the reasons as I understand them:

  1. Not enough warmth – I’ve been growing mine in a greenhouse, but even so, it was very cool in early August, and I don’t think it will have been hot enough for them.
  2. Not enough water – oops! I have somewhat neglected my watering duties the year.
  3. Not enough humidity – definitely not something I have been trying to achieve in the greenhouse, and I imagine the air has been fairly dry.
  4. Poor pollination – I think this should have been fine as all the tomatoes have done well, but it might be a problem for others.
  5. Lack of potassium – yes, I didn’t give my plants any kind of liquid feed this year so this may well have been a contributing factor!

I hope you have had better luck than me, and if not, that some of these reasons may throw a little light on the situation, enough so that you give them another go before giving up like me!