Currants are Great for Growing in Pots

Whether you choose to grow Whitecurrants, Blackcurrants, Pinkcurrants or Redcurrants, they all do extremely well in pots, making them an excellent choice if you’re new to growing fruit.

What size pot?

When the currant plants arrive, plant them into a pot that is slightly bigger than the bio-pot that they arrive in. Use a good quality potting compost, and add a couple of handfuls of wormcast fertiliser – this will release nutrients slowly and helps to keep the plants nourished.

Where to place the currant plants

They will tolerate light shade, but choose a sheltered spot an avoid putting the pots in a frost pocket over the winter months as you may find that frost restricts the crop the following year, which would be a shame.

Repotting & Pruning

Repot the currants every three years. You can carefully tease them out of their container, give the roots a little trim and then loosen off some of the soil/compost before planting back into a slightly bigger pot with fresh compost. You don’t really need to worry about pruning until the fourth or fifth year, and at this point all you really need to do is cut old, woody stems that no longer bear fruit right to the base. You can also thin out a few stems to open up the plant if you’ve been finding them hard to pick.

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