Diary of a Rocket Gardener – a cheeky top up

diary of a rocket gardener

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Well I have to say, the veg patch is doing really rather well and I’m feeling smug. I’ve harvested the first of my French Beans, podded plenty of peas (they look sweet and taste sweet too – I’m loving them!), eaten loads of rainbow chard and been able to give away the odd bag of lettuce leaves which is such a nice thing to be able to do.

I’ve had my fair share of problems though, which left a few gaps in the garden… pigeon pecked broccoli, slug eaten courgettes, some cabbage casualties courtesy of caterpillars to name a few. So I decided to add one or two cheeky extras last week. 2 new butternut squash plants, some spinach, and some borlotti beans. They’ve been in the ground for about 6 days now, and it’s amazing how much faster they settled into their new homes, presumably because the soil is that much warmer and they don’t have so much to contend with in July when all the number of pests has subsided a little. (I hope these are not famous last words!) They have just started growing immediately and are all looking very healthy, not a slug trail in sight.

Meanwhile, I am very excited to see flowers on my potatoes, and some handsome looking tigerella tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes forming in the greenhouse.┬áIt won’t be long now…