Don’t forget the fruit…

Brigitta Blueberry Plant

Brigitta Blueberry Plant

If you’re growing fruit in your garden, then there are one or two things that may need attending to during the summer. Here is a very quick guide for you to follow…

Blackberry, Loganberry, Tayberry

These will all be doing a lot of growing at the moment and it’s important to tie them in to their supports. Don’t forget, you won’t see fruit from these until their second year. Watch out for aphids.

Gooseberry, Whitecurrant, Redcurrant

Keep the soil consistently moist. A mulch will help here.

These will also benefit from a little light pruning, but it’s not essential. It becomes more important when the plants are over 3 years old. Any new side shoots that you don’t want to become branches next year should be cut back to 5 leaves.


These should begin fruiting soon. Once you’ve picked all the raspberries and they’re no longer producing more (in August probably) cut back any canes that grew fruit, right down to the ground.


Make sure they are netted and pull up any unwanted runners.

Blackcurrant, Jostaberry

Tie the leader to a bamboo cane to keep it upright.


Keep blueberries weed free and well watered. Blueberries do not need pruning until they are 5 years old, and it’s best done in the winter.

Cherry, Plum

These can be pruned once you’ve harvested fruit for the summer.