Diary of a Rocket Gardener…a few garden glitches

What a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend here in Cornwall! The sun has been shining hard, and it’s been hot work in the veg patch. I have mostly been digging a trench for my potatoes and getting them in the ground (I didn’t chit them but I feel confident that they’ll be ok as I’ve never chatted potatoes and I’ve grown them successfully for a few years now) and in the moments where I allowed myself a break I a) poured myself a gin and tonic and b) checked up on all my other plants.

Things are generally looking good. My lettuces are doing marvellously, the tomatoes and peppers are happy, the courgettes and squashes are fine, the peas are coming along and I am a happy bunny. I do have a few little glitches though, and perhaps some of you are experiencing similar problems?:

  • Quite a few sorry looking leaves on my beans. They are yellow and brown and deformed.
  • 2 Pak Choi plants that are clearly not going to make it – they are wilting and turning very yellow.
  • 1 Purple Sprouting Broccoli that has randomly died. I pulled it up and it looks as if it was never attached to its roots.
  • 1 Sweetcorn plant that has been decapitated (I blame my nephew’s careless use of the garden hose!!)

Apart from the last one, I feel there must be an explanation for these glitches, so I am going to do a little investigation. I will report back shortly…