Do I still need to chit seed potatoes before planting?

If you’ve only just placed an order for seed potatoes, or if it’s still on your to-do list, then don’t panic. There’s still time. As the soil temperatures start rising now, there is less need to chit them ahead of planting.

Chitting is normally done early on in the year, so that the potatoes can be planted out in March. Doing this gives the potatoes a bit of a headstart. However, now that we are in April and the temperatures are beginning to rise, there is nothing to stop you planting your seed potatoes straight away, without chitting.

Ideally you will plant your seed potatoes this month, but if for some reason you miss it, you can plant in early May and you should still get a decent crop. Some gardeners hold back a few seed potatoes (earlies) to plant in summer for a Christmas crop too… might be worth a try!