Why it’s easier to grow in winter

If we haven’t yet managed to persuade you to carry on growing your own over the winter, perhaps these three little bits of information will twist your arm!

  1. You won’t need to weed as much over the winter. Weeds grow much more slowly at this time of year, and they’re generally not reproducing either. So that means less work for you.
  2. There are fewer slugs and caterpillars to contend with during the winter, so your plants will be a little less needy!
  3. You can give the watering can a miss…we get enough rainfall from the┬ásky to keep your plants well watered over the winter, so that’s one less thing!

Have we convinced you now? Yes? Great!! Have a look at some Autumn plants and gardens and see what tickles your fancy… Happy Rocket Gardening!

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