Why keep growing in Autumn?


Pretty please, if you have enjoyed growing your own and eating lots of fresh, healthy veg from your garden this summer, don’t stop now!!! Too many people abandon the veg patch as soon as the summer crop has been harvested, but we’re here to convince you to keep growing right through to next Spring…for 10 very good reasons.

  1. Most winter vegetables are packed with nutrients, and eating your own will keep you healthier.
  2. You can enjoy some tasty veg and salad leaves that you won’t find in many shops.
  3. You get a real buzz from being self-sufficient. It feels nice not to be constantly nipping to the supermarket to buy peppers imported from the other side of the world.
  4. Eating seasonally is good for you. Fact.
  5. It makes sense to keep a garden going all year round. If you’ve got the space, you may as well use it…
  6. Growing over the autumn and winter requires much less time and effort.
  7. It gets you outside and active at weekends, which helps to keep the winter blues at bay.
  8. Otherwise you’ll have to wait about 8 months until you can plant more veg.
  9. Using up veg that you grow over the winter is really easy…think soups, stews and roasts.
  10.  Escaping to the garden on your own for some peace and quiet after a busy week of work, Christmas shopping, school runs or family get togethers can do wonders for your state of mind!

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