Easter Projects for Inspiration

If you’ve got a few days off over the Easter weekend and a bit of time to spend in the garden, then you may like some of these ideas…

Get going for spring

Build a Hoop Tunnel

You can use these hoops to make a mini polytunnel, or for protecting your crops with mesh netting. It’s very easy to make them – you just need a few short bamboo lengths (40cm) to prod into the ground, and some old hosepipe to thread over as hoops. We’ve used an old drip hose which is quite sturdy. Works a treat!

Build your Bean Supports

It’s always good to get ahead, and although you won’t be planting beans for another few weeks, there’s no harm in getting the bamboo canes out to build a frame for them. This is one our Rocket Gardener built and she swears by it – it’s a classic A Frame, but with a wigwam at either end and in the middle for added stability. Whatever you choose, push the bamboo canes in nice and deep, and leave a good 30cm in between them so that the plants are well spaced.