How to get plants off to the best start this spring

If you want to grow healthier plants this season, then have a read of this article for some top tips. By getting these things right at the start of the season, you’ll find the plants do really well.

  1. Warm the soil ahead of planting – this is easily done by covering beds with a sheet of black polythene (if you get reasonably thick sheets and secure them well so they don’t tear, you can re-use the polythene again and again. You could also use biodegradable starch weed mulch as an alternative) If you cover them up this weekend, then soil will be that much warmer by the time you plant out in late April/May kind of time.
  2. Add plenty of compost and/or mulch – we can’t stress enough how much this will help to nourish the soil, and the benefits of that are healthy, strong growing plants.
  3. Don’t plant out too early, or protect seedlings with a cloche – this is the most crucial part, to not plant out your plugs if there is frost, cold nights or strong winds. The poor things won’t cope! Hold off until the weather is kinder, or cover with a cloche or horticultural fleece.
  4. Add wormcast fertiliser when you plant – you can sprinkle a handful in with each plant as you pop them in the ground. The nutrients will be released slowly over the course of the summer and will help provide nutrients.
  5. Give plants enough space – all the details are in the growing guide, and by giving plants enough space you’ll make sure their roots have access to enough soil, water and nutrients, and you’ll make sure the leaves have enough air circulating etc.