A fab side dish using beetroot and chard

This makes a great side dish,and if you have a cast-iron skillet it can easily be made on the bbq too, making it a good option for those that don’t eat meat or are bored with sausages!

Ingredients (serves 4 as a side dish):

  • 6-8 medium beetroots
  • Fresh chard leaves (as many as you like – stems removed)
  • 100g Soft goats cheese, crumbled/sliced
  • 1 Handful mint leaves, chopped
  • Olive oil
  • Half a Lemon
  • Sea salt & black pepper


Boil the beetroot, whole, until they are really soft and tender (and will easily slip off a knife when pierced). Strain them and leave them to cool before peeling off the skins. Crush the beetroots between the palms of your hands, or you can chop them if you prefer.

Heat up a skillet or frying pan and add the smashed beetroots. Stir them regularly and let them cook for 4-5 minutes. Add the chard leaves and let them begin to wilt lightly before removing from the heat.

Squeeze in the lemon juice, add a good splash of olive oil and mix in the mint. Season well with sea salt and pepper. Pop it all in a big serving bowl, together with the goats cheese and tuck in.


Top Tips:

  • If you’re using red and golden beetroot, it is best to cook them separately to keep the fab colours separate
  • Top the dish with thin slices of raw chioggia beetroot to make it look even better
  • Smash the beets in a freezer bag or between two sheets of greaseproof paper to prevent your hands from going purple
  • Don’t chop the mint too early or it’ll turn black