Vertical Gardening: A fab space-saver for small gardens…


There are a lot of wannabe veg growers out there with not a lot of space in their gardens. We’ve touched on this subject before with ideas for growing in pots and containers and veg to grow in a window box. This week, we want to make you aware of the opportunity for growing upwards.

Vertical gardening been quite a trendy topic over the last few years, and if you nip onto Pinterest and do a quick search you’ll see hundreds of fab pictures for inspiration. You can get really creative with how you build your vertical veg patch, there are absolutely no rules. We’ve seen loads of ideas, from upcycled pallets leaning against a back wall to cleverly arranged old drainpipes and even the odd hanging shoe rack here and there. Brilliant!

If you’re creative, and indeed if you have the time to let your creative juices flow, then give it a go and see what you can achieve.

Grow courgettes up a trellis:
If you’re not feeling too creative right now, then why not pop down to the local garden centre, pick up a couple of grow bags and a trellis and try growing some courgettes… it’s very easy. You need to put the trellis up on a sunny wall a foot up from the ground with the grow bag underneath. When your courgettes plants arrive from us, simply give them a drink and pop them into the grow bag. As they grow, tie the main stems to the trellis at intervals.

You’ll find you get more courgettes because pollination is better, but they will be slightly smaller when you grow them like this because of the weight on the stem. Other vine typed vegetables work well in the same way – squash, tomatoes, peas, beans.