Favourite Root Recipes


As we creep further towards winter and harvest lots of lovely celeriac, parsnips, turnips and other roots the season of warming, hearty casseroles is upon us. Here are a few recipes & cooking tips.

  1. Celeriac Gratin – Jamie Oliver.
  2. North African Root Veg Stew – Riverford. Make this with or without the beef for a slightly spiced, warming meal.
  3. Cornish Pasty – Cornish pasty Associations. If you’ve got swede to harvest, then there’s nothing quite like a traditional Cornish pasty!
  4. Roasted Root Frittata – River Cottage. This is a good way of using up leftovers after a Sunday roast.
  5. Parsnip & Carrot Dal – Delicious. Dal is so delicious, and a great source of comfort food at this time of year.
  6. And finally, a few quick ideas:
    1. Root Mash – any combination of root veggies cooked up in a glorious mash is the best comfort food.
    2. Roasted Root Veggies – if you’re cooking up a Sunday roast, swap the potatoes for roasted roots. A little olive oil and seasoning is all that’s needed.
    3. Soup – Root veggies give soups a warming richness as well as helping to thicken a soup into something a bit more substantial when you’re hungry.
    4. Casseroles & Stews – Slow-cooking brings out the sweetness of the veg and gives you time to curl up in front of the fire with a good book before dinner.
    5. Rosti – grated parsnip or celeriac with grated potato, onion and seasoning makes for a delicious rosti. Add a poached egg for a yummy breakfast!