Harvesting Horseradish

This is a good time of year to harvest horseradish, as the foliage dies back in late autumn and after they’ve experienced a couple of light frosts. Even if you don’t want to use it (for whatever reason) it’s a good idea to harvest some of the roots, as horseradish is quick to spread and the plant will take over a raised bed or outgrow a pot fairly swiftly!

If you are growing horseradish in a bed, use a fork to carefully dig up the roots that you want to use. We’d recommend digging up about half of the plant’s roots if you can. If you’re growing in pots, it’s a little easier as all you need to do is turn the pot upside down, pull out half the roots, and then you can replant the other half. Use fresh compost when you are re-planting as this’ll give them a boost for next season.