Get your kitchen garden ready for spring

In just a few weeks we’ll all want to be out there planting like crazy! Now is definitely the time to be spending time getting sorted whenever you have a spare moment and a ray of sunshine…here’s a quick checklist to use:

  1. Build new raised beds – line the base with cardboard to prevent weeds growing through and then fill with compost.
  2. Weed any existing, unused beds, and dig them over if you like, then add some compost or well rotted manure and cover with black polythene until you’re ready to plant.
  3.  Empty and clean pots and containers. Wait until spring to fill them with fresh compost.
  4. Clear the garden of debris – try to remove old pots, stones, logs and so on that is lying around the garden (and rake up any leaves etc) as this provides excellent habitats for slugs, which you probably want to discourage!
  5. Clean greenhouses/polytunnels – give the windows/polythene a good scrub to remove any mildew and to make sure maximum light comes through to start warming it up nice and early. Tidy up a bit as well, and make sure any beds and pots are ready to go.
  6. Build compost areas – if you need more composting space, or if you haven’t started yet, now is a great time to get ready. Old pallets work brilliantly, or you can buy a compost bin.
  7. Get paths back in order – if you’re using wood chip for paths, it may need a top up before spring. It’s also a good idea to pull up any weeds on a regular basis to try and keep on top of things.
  8. Prepare climbing supports – this is the time to make sure you have enough bamboo for supports, or to repair trellises etc.
  9. Get a water butt installed – we’ll be into april showers in no time and it’s worth saving every drop for the garden!
  10. Order your plants, chit your potatoes and get ready to plant!