How to grow Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes are a little underrated we think, and we’d encourage you to give them a go as they are SO easy! Not only will you get a really fabulous crop but you’ll also be treated to some beautiful yellow flowers (they’re part of the sunflower family) in your veg patch in autumn.

We grow Jerusalem Artichokes from tubers (much like seed potatoes) and plant them in March to April.

Jerusalem Artichokes are tough little cookies that will thrive in most conditions. That said, we’d recommend planting them in well-drained soil so that they don’t get waterlogged, and make sure you give them plenty of space. Don’t plant them too close to other crops as they grow very tall (like sunflowers) and will cast some shade. Being so tall they act as a great windbreak if you need to create a little shelter in your plot.

Once you’ve chosen the right spot for them, plant them 12cm deep and leave 75cm between each plant. Earth them up as you would potatoes. They are pretty self sufficient so other than watering them during dry spells you shouldn’t need to give them much attention. Sit back and enjoy their flowers during summer, then harvest them once the foliage dies back in autumn. Job done!