Gifts from your garden

If you fancy making a few lovely gifts for your friends & family this year, then don’t forget to use some ingredients from your garden too… here are a few little ideas.

  • Kale Pesto – all that lovely kale can be whizzed up into a rather delicious pesto and popped into kilner jars to make a lovely gift for friends that invite you over for dinner!
  • Dried Chilli Flakes – if you’ve harvested lots of chillies, dry them out (if you can hang them by an aga, that’s ideal!! If not, you can put them on a tray in front of a radiator or something). Once dried, blitz them up to make a lovely chilli flake mix. Watch out, when you take the lid off the blender your eyes will water!! Put the flakes into jars to make nice stocking fillers.
  • Herb Posies – this is a nice touch to take to family gatherings. Just pick a few sprigs of
  • Homemade Wreath or Table Decoration – if you have your own foliage, great. If not, you can use our Natural Decorations box. Use willow or an old coat hanger to make the wreath frame and tie in sprigs of foliage.
  • Ceramic Coasters – If you’re into pottery, why not use some leaves or seed heads to make imprints into the clay. They look lovely!
  • Pickles, Preserves & Chutneys – if you have any last harvests you can always make some preserves to give away.
  • Strawberry Plants – Are your strawberries looking a bit wild with new runners putting down roots? Plant them on into little pots to give away.
  • Pinecone Baubles – get your arts & crafts skills out to decorate pinecones. Attach a loop of string and put them together as a little bundle of baubles.
  • Herb infused oils & vinegar – all you need are a few nice bottles, some good quality oil or vinegar ¬†and a sprig of herbs to put into each!
  • Sea Salt Seasonings – dry out some herbs, get a pot of sea salt flakes, and mix herbs with salt to make a nice seasoning. Put them into baby kilner jars. Rosemary is a good option for this.