How to keep your natural decorations looking fresh

We don’t ship our natural decorations until mid December anyway, to ensure they stay fresh, but here are a few top tips for keeping all that festive foliage looking fresh this Christmas.

  1. If you’re not going to use the foliage on the day it arrives, store it in a cold room/shed, ideally popping the cut stems into a bucket of water* if you can to keep them fresher for longer.
  2. Try to avoid placing foliage decorations directly in front of or above heat sources – radiators, lamps, woodburners etc – as the added heat will make them dry out faster. If you are planning to decorate those warmer spots, leave it until the latest possible date.
  3. Keep some sprigs back in a bucket of water* in a cold room so that you can use these to replace any withered foliage on Christmas Eve, ready for the big day!

*We don’t mean submerging them in a bucket of water here, more using the bucket of water as a big vase so that the stems can draw up a bit of water!!