How to grow... Pumpkin

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Great for growing with children, pumpkins are unbelievably well behaved and require minimal effort. You pop them in the ground and they just get on and do their thing, ready for you to harvest in the autumn.

  • Planting Tips
  • Growing advice
  • Chef's Corner

The right site

Full sun and plenty of space is important. Pumpkins are hungry plants so make sure you dig in plenty of organic fertiliser when you plant them.

Can be grown in....

Pumpkins grow well outside, so if you have the space then go for a raised bed or similar.

How far apart?

2 metres apart.

Looking after your plants....

Plant them outside when the risk of frost has passed and the weather has warmed up. Until then, keep them in pots under cover.


Give them some food

Dig in plenty of organic fertiliser and water thoroughly when you plant them.


Water regularly

Water them often and well.

Storage Tips

Pumpkins will last for a few weeks kept in a cool, dark place.

Ways to cook

Pumpkin pie and pumpkin soups are just delicious, and very warming in the autumn.