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Winter Squash – Musquee de Provence

(3 Plug Plants)

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Produces large, pumpkin-like fruits
These winter squashes can weigh up to 10kg! The skin turns from green to golden as it matures and the flesh is a rich orange colour with an almost nutmeg-like flavour. We love this variety as an alternative to traditional Jack O-Lantern Pumpkins, as it is easy to carve, and the flesh is a little more enjoyable too. Great for pumpkin pies and soups. Growing winter squash from plug plants is easy – just plant in a bed in a sunny site and keep them well watered. You’ll need a bit of space for them to sprawl, or a sturdy trellis for them to climb. Full growing instructions come with the plug plants.

Number of plants: 3 plug plants

Variety: Musquee de Provence (organic*)

In the kitchen: For a simple and delicious side dish, try baking this winter squash until the flesh is soft. Also brilliant and tasty in soups. Ideal for pumpkin pie.

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