Growing in Pots to Extend the Season – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

I planted up a whole load of pots with lovely flowering plants from a local nursery – they have all since died… I think they just got a bit too hot and the compost I was using wasn’t the best. I’m going to salvage what I can and transplant them to the border where I think they will be a little happier and may enjoy a second flurry of flowers if I’m lucky.

It’s going to leave me with several empty pots, and I was mulling over what to do with them. Then I had a brainwave, so I have decided. I’m going to use the pots to extend the summer season a little – I think it will work nicely.

Here’s what I will plant in the pots: Some Dwarf French Beans, a few Chilli Plants, Lemongrass (which I love for cooking Thai-style curries) and Basil.

I’ll grow them outside my front door in place of the dead flowers, and then, when it comes to the end of the summer, I can just move them into the greenhouse (which should be fairly empty by then) and let them carry on growing. I hope this way I’ll get to enjoy a late flurry of beans and chillies, and I’ll be able to keep harvesting lemongrass through until November/December, and hopefully my basil will keep going for longer. We’ll see how it goes. I do quite enjoy trying out experiments like this – they don’t always work, but occasionally you stumble on a brilliant way that works for you and your garden.